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It’s The Dawn Of A New Decade At The Geneseo Chamber Of Commerce!

To Current, New & Prospective Members:

The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1947 with the mission of strengthening our local economy. This commitment is stronger than ever as we head into the 2020’s.

I think you’ll be excited about where the Chamber is heading as we enter the next decade.

The Geneseo Chamber is well known for our spectacular events – such as State Street Market, Christmas Walk, Music Fest and Trains, Planes & Automobiles. The Chamber looks forward to continuing these great events, which are economic driving forces and attract thousands of people to Geneseo.

Our membership has ample opportunity to contribute to Chamber events through our committees.

A brief list of the Geneseo Chamber’s goals for the next year can be found below.

I invite you to consider membership with the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce. We are a resource for you! Please feel free to reach out to the Geneseo Chamber if we can ever be of assistance by calling 309-944-2686 or by email at

Zack Sullivan, Executive Director - Geneseo Chamber of Commerce

Contact: 309.944.2686 * *

Our Mission: Geneseo Chamber is actively advancing business and the quality of life in the Geneseo community.

Advancing Business and Community. It’s what we do.

Chamber Member Benefits

  • NETWORKING: We provide frequent networking events for our membership – including socials, quality programming, and dining events.
  • MARKETING: A much stronger digital marketing & online presence – focusing our reach not only within Geneseo – but within our bi-state region. Establishing Geneseo as a regional destination is one of our top priorities.
  • LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY: The Geneseo Chamber has been appointed to the Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (IACCE) Government Affairs Committee. The collective business community of Geneseo will now have a direct say in shaping policy affecting business & commerce on the state & federal levels. Bringing access to local elected official will be more frequent as well.
  • TOURISM: Showcase what makes Geneseo unique. From our shops to our natural resources, our schools to our hospitals, from our wonderful parks to our outstanding athletic facilities….Geneseo has something for everyone. Given the ample artistic talent in Geneseo, we strive to establish Geneseo as regional art destination.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: One of the Geneseo Chamber’s top economic priorities will be championing the proposed passenger rail stop in Geneseo. The proposed passenger rail will connect Moline to Chicago, and the proposed Geneseo station will provide an economic & tourism boost to our city.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Geneseo Chamber will provide workshops & lunchtime seminars focusing on modern, local topics.
  • EXPOSURE: The Geneseo Chamber has a loud platform. Your membership allows you access to take ad-vantage of our platform at no cost to you through our directories, website & Spotlight features. There are also sponsorship opportunities for our events to advertise your business.
  • VOLUNTEERING: Volunteer opportunities at all events. Wear your company’s shirt with logo, name tag, etc.