Replica watches-High quality imitation Rolex

The overall younger brother of this Rolex 116610LV has been compared in the previous article, and the general appearance is consistent with the original, but there will still be some small details. The edge of the Rolex ring seems to have a little gap. Before the July version of 2019 appeared, this detail had been tentatively reflected, but the buyer did not seem to buy it. QC often has this problem and cancels orders. Most people think that Rolex, as a luxury brand watch, should be tight-knit in details. This detail, but it is made tightly replica watches, it is believed that in the future, genuine Rolex realizes this and will also change this detail.

We can see that under the 5500K light source, the authentic and YZ high imitation Rolex are consistent in details. Whether it is the size of the night pearl or the size of the triangle, it is difficult to pick out any problems.

However, the luminous spots of genuine Rolex will show off-white texture, and the luminous spots of July 2019 version of YZRolex, although the details are the same, appear pure white. This is actually the reaction of the internal luminous material to the air for a long time. After wearing it for a certain period of time, YZ's high imitation Rolex will gradually turn yellow like the original. This part cannot be used as a criterion for authenticity.

Ceramic circle font depth, shape is correct. These are exactly the same. The depth of the lettering has been most thoroughly corrected in the 2019 version. It could almost be called a textbook of high imitation Rolex.