2021 Geneseo Artwalk




When: Saturday April 17, 2021

Saturday Hours: 10 am – 4 pm


Where: Downtown Geneseo on State Street from Second Street to Exchange Street in Geneseo, IL (this is an outdoor event in an open, public area)


Who: Calling all artists! We are seeking artists who offer original works of art and prints. Unique on-site wood working displays, live painting, sculpting and other live art demonstrations are strongly encouraged to apply.


Price: Half booth $75 (10’x10’), Full booth $150 (10’ x 20’)

Space is limited so please reserve your space as early as possible. Entry fee is non-refundable.


Timeline: Applications open: Now. Final Application Deadline: March 29. Applications reviewed and approved on a first come, first serve basis. Entry fee for approved applications is due upon notification of acceptance to the event. All payments due no later than April 12.


Please make checks payable to the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce

Mailing address: 117 S. Oakwood Ave. Geneseo, IL 61254


Show Set up: Saturday morning, 6 am – 9 am.

Tear down: Saturday Evening, 4 pm - 6 pm


Eligibility Requirements & Additional Information:

Only items handcrafted or produced by the exhibitor will be permitted in the Artist fair.
Illinois State sales tax is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
Electricity is not available.
Check-in and Set-Up - Set-up times will be assigned beginning at 6AM on Saturday. Detailed instructions will be e-mailed with acceptance letter. Arriving during your set-up time will assure you the most convenient access to your booth. Please check in at the Information Booth indicated on the map upon arrival.
Booths must be staffed at all times.
Two artists are allowed at one booth but both artists must be juried and approved.
Tear Down - Dismantling of your booth will not be allowed until after 4PM on Saturday.
You are required to clean up your booth space after the event, including any zip ties used in your display.
Registration Deadline - Deadline for entering the show is Monday March 29th.
Please send a self-addressed stamped business envelope with your registration form. Registration forms can be emailed to: geneseo@geneseo.org


Artists are required to bring their own tables, tents and displays. Please plan accordingly for inclement weather.

TENT WEIGHTS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL ARTISTS – NO EXCEPTIONS! Artwalk staff will be checking specifically for this. Artists without tent weights will not be allowed to set up and refunds will not be issued.


Participants must attend all hours of the show.
No vehicles are allowed on State Street during the event.
All Artists are required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Geneseo Chamber, listing the Geneseo Chamber and City of Geneseo as additionally insured.
Artists are responsible for keeping their display area neat and clean at all times.
No gas-powered generators are allowed.
Structures should be built to withstand gusty winds. Plan for inclement weather. There is no staking. Any artist with a hazardous display will be required to close and forfeit their registration fee.


2021 Geneseo Artwalk is a Geneseo Chamber of Commerce event. Please pass along this information to other business owners but note this is a juried event.


2021 Geneseo Artwalk Artist Application


Artist Name:________________________________________________________________


Artist Address: ______________________________________________________________


Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________


Email: _______________________________________________________________________


Artist Website: ______________________________________________________________


Artist Social Media Page: ______________________________________________________


IMPORTANT: Artwork not listed and/or approved cannot be exhibited in this show.


Giclée’s cannot represent more than 50% of exhibited work.


Describe Type of Category of Products with a simple description (Circle all that apply):

Blown/Fused Glass:___________________________________________
Stained Glass:________________________________________________
Fiber Art:____________________________________________________


Describe all the type of art you will sell, list past festivals and the galleries where your work has been seen in the last 5 years:


**Please submit 3-6 photos that best represent your artwork.**

**Submit 1 photo of your booth.**


Email artist application to geneseo@geneseo.org by March 29, 2021.


Application Review: First Come Basis.

Approved applicants will be notified no later than April 2, 2021.

Payment due upon receipt of notice of acceptance.

All payments due no later than April 12, 2021.