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2023 Geneseo Chamber memberhsip information

Download the 2023 Geneseo Chamber Membership packet Here: /upload/New_Member_Packet_23.pdf

Your membership supports the following efforts that make Geneseo an amazing community:

See a Return on Your Investment: Geneseo Chamber members see a return on their investment through the various events and promotions we organize to drive commerce and tourism in Geneseo. This includes the Shop Geneseo! promotion, which represented an  economic impact of over $132,000.00 in 2022, and our Geneseo Chamber gift certificate program which generated over $143,000 in 2022 - a combined economic impact of over a quarter million dollars. Many Chamber member businesses report a return on their        investment of up to 20 times their initial investment as a result of the Chamber's efforts. 

Strengthen Our Local Economy: The Geneseo Chamber has helped to augment the economic growth of Geneseo for decades - promoting Geneseo as a desirable place to live, work, play, shop, dine, and develop. Geneseo defies the economic trends seen in Illinois, and the Geneseo Chamber's efforts have helped contribute to the success of Geneseo’s business community, and to the success of the Geneseo community overall.

Support Non-Profit Organizations: Chamber-sponsored events such as the Music Festival, Trains, Planes & Automobiles, and the Geneseo Christmas Walk provide a fundraising platform for many area non-profit organizations. We also have a strong track record of connecting local non-profits with potential donors or funding sources. 

Support Community Events: Your membership supports the community events you and your employees love to attend, including Geneseo Artwalk, State Street Market, Scarecrow Row, and the famous Geneseo Christmas Walk! Our signature community events also provide a measurable economic benefit to every business in Geneseo. In 2022, the Geneseo Chamber's signature community events attracted over 31,000 attendees. 

Support Our Local Small Business Community: The Geneseo Chamber helps to promote new and upcoming businesses in Geneseo. Don't need promotion? Your membership helps strengthen those who do, which brings more people to your business and shows that your business is willing to work together and support a strong local economy. 

Customers Value Chamber Membership: Membership with the Geneseo Chamber tells your customers that your business values contributing to our community. The Geneseo Chamber hosts popular community events and helps build the character of Geneseo that so many enjoy. Get involved with the Chamber and discover how your business and customers can benefit from Chamber membership. 

Support the Local Arts: Many of the Geneseo Chamber's efforts highlight our local arts community - from visual to sonic arts. Notably, the Geneseo Chamber has spearheaded the Geneseo Mural Project, bringing colorful murals to life in Geneseo and beautifying our community at the same time. Your Chamber membership supports the arts locally.